Friday, April 6

Gratitude Friday

I wish I had a picture to go with this little story but I don't and that is ok.

As you know I have been sick all week. I am very grateful that I have not had a fever, though. A fever stops me in my tracks.

I am grateful that I have been able to accomplish the following from my spring cleaning list:

Main Bathroom:
-clean tub
-clean light fixture

Upstairs Bathroom:
-clean toilet
-clean sink
-clean mirror

Basement Bathroom:
-clean toilet
-clean sink
-clean mirror
-sweep floor
-mop floor

-straighten up
-wash all clothes

-change sheets
-make beds

Living Room
-straighten up
-clean glass curio

Dining Room
-clean glass light fixture
-replace light bulbs

Craft/Guest Room
-clean ceiling fan
-clean light

Belle's Room/Play Room
-straighten up
-clean ceiling fan
-clean light

-put up key hooks
-wash counters
-wash top of microwave
-wash inside of microwave
-clean window
-clean fan
-clean light

So overall I think that is pretty good. Some things I am purposely saving for tonight and tomorrow so they are freshly done for Easter. Some things won't get done this week but that is ok.

And I am most grateful for my daughter laying her hand on mine last night and telling me she will take good care of me always. So sweet!!

p.s. I am always glad it is Friday!!!


Diana said...

That's a very impressive list, especially for being sick! My list is much smaller, despite being home all week for Colin's spring break and not being sick.

Chelsea said...

Lauren do you make house calls to Oregon? Good job girl.