Tuesday, July 24

Breast Cancer

I think most of us think that something so serious would never happen to us. That we are secretly a bit happy when it happens to someone else since that means it didn't happen to us.

But deep down I am sad, scared, and sorry for those that it does happen to. And I pray that it doesn't happen to me. I am terrified of not being here for my daughter someday. And because of this fear I should really take better care of myself. But I seem to have the opposite reaction. That is something that I struggle with and need to find the courage to overcome.

You see there are other moms who have bigger struggles. They need all of the support they can get. They are fighting for their lives against many diseases including breast cancer. Whymommy is in such a fight. She has two beautiful boys who are babies. Really. Her oldest is just about 3 while her youngest is only 6 months old.

Please go over and show her some support. She has just completed her first round of Chemo and it kicked her butt a bit. She is keeping a pretty positive attitude which I am in awe of. She really wants to get the word out about the different kinds of breast cancer so please take a moment to check it out.


WhyMommy said...

Thank you! My hope is that by talking about it, other moms may recognize the signs earlier than I did -- and get treatment!

Thanks for talking about it on your blog!

Heather said...

I will definately go over and show her some love! I worry about these things too. My DH almost lost his mother when he was 17 to breast cancer. I'm proud to say she is now a 20-year survivor.

Diana said...

How very tough. My mom had breast cancer in her early 40s. She's fortunately a success and went on to have my youngest sister a few years after her mastectomy. My favorite aunt is also a breast cancer survivor.

Greta said...

oh it terrifies me too...my mother and my aunt battled it and WON!!!

i am greatful everyday and will be off to give her some love

i am all moved in and up and running!! woot woot!