Tuesday, May 17


This has nothing to do with church but I did say I would throw in other "stuff" every now and again. 

I am taking my daughter to an allergist today.  For the past 2 weeks she has broken out in a red splotchy spotted looking rash mainly on any areas of her skin that were exposed.  I believe at this point the main reason is due to a company treating grass in our area including the kids soccer field.  The timing of all of this is too coincidental to the treatments.  Plus we heard of another kid who broke out after soccer.

Of course with all of the rain we have been having she hasn't been outside so it is gone now. 

We need to get to the bottom of what is going on.  She will feel better too.  She was so self conscious she was wearing long sleeves or jackets even on the couple days it was actually warm.

She is nervous about the appointment, though, which breaks my heart.

Allergist really thinks at this point it was due to a virus based on what we told him and the questions he asked us.  He said it would have seemed to get worse because she was exerting herself.  It just so happened that she was exercising (through soccer or running around at recess) outside.  When you have any sort of rash and increase your core temperature it will make the rash worse.  It all made sense.  But based on history of kidney issues from strep he tested her for strep just to make sure that isn't the culprit.   A lot of times she does not show any symptoms of an illness.  All in all a good appointment.  No testing other than the throat culture were needed at this point so that was good.  I have to call and talk to him in a week so he can make sure she is still ok.  Plus if it becomes a recurring issue (which he doesn't think it will but you never know) he will re-evaluate.

***Updated Update***
Guess who tested positive for strep?!  This child of mine is going to make me crazy.  How am I supposed to know when she gets it?  I don't like this waiting until some random side effect of having strep for too long shows up.  She is now on antibiotics and hopefully we caught it before it affected her kidneys again.  She probably has had it for over a month with not one little symptom.  No runny nose, stuffiness, fever, sore throat, fatigue, anything.

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Heather said...

Poor thing. Hope the allergist appointment went well.