Friday, May 6

Meeting Update

As I was driving to the meeting I was getting more and more nervous.  It was almost comical. 

I kept thinking "Don't be a dork.  You are not interviewing for a job.  You are simply trying to volunteer."

My chant worked.  Mostly. 

I was awkward the first 5 minutes but then I relaxed and went through the outline I put together along with prints of samples for reference.  I was well prepared and my thoughts were well organized. 

It went really well. 

He was excited to have these offers coming and the timing probably couldn't have been better.  In fact he told me I was a blessing.  Thank goodness because I would much rather be a blessing than a pesky fly.  lol

Anyway, one of my main points was the website and he was very receptive to my ideas.  The person who currently updates the website is one of the people leaving so that duty was going to fall to the secretary if need be.  We are going to meet again next week with the woman who is leaving to get more details on what is currently in place and then we will go from there as far as redesigning it and maintaining it.  And that most likely will include helping him start a blog and updating Facebook.  So that is all exciting.

In addition to that I said I would volunteer at the rectory office when needed and solicit and organize all those volunteers. 

Did I say I am really excited to be doing something helpful for the church?

I did?

Oh.  Sorry.  But I am really excited.  :-)

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