Sunday, May 15

Kind of Funny

This proved to be another church filled weekend. 

We had 2 1st Communion masses yesterday.  One of which was at our church.  Then we went to our regular mass this morning.

One of the songs played is Table of Plenty.  One of my daughter's favorite church songs.  I actually like it also.

Then sometime this afternoon she starts singing part of it to me and asks me if it is stuck in my head too.  It wasn't at that point but it has been ever since then.

But the funny thing is I friended a different local church to see how they handle their facebook account and their post is a line from the song. 

"This day is made by the Lord, let us rejoice let us be glad....."

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Heather said...

Glad to hear you had such a busy fun week. I love first communions! I remember Phoebe's two years ago. She wore the dress my MIL sewed years ago for her girls and it still looks fab! And I remember when we were going through this realizing that I was going to finally get my dream of watching a boy all dressed up for his first communion, but two times over!