Wednesday, May 25

This Week

This has been a crazy week and it is only Wednesday. 

First the world was going to end but thankfully didn't. 

Then I heard another story about praying the g-y away which was using references from Exodus. 

So many bible references that seem so misguided.  I guess you can read anything and put your own spin on it.  But I don't think these stories are helping us catholics in any way.

Then I look and sound a bit like an idiot for a few minutes Monday evening at the rectory.  I should have known better than to rush to get there and expect my thoughts to make any sense before I take a moment to breath.  And then the more I couldn't think the more my nerves got the better of me.  Plus it was very humid out which is never good for my psyche or my curly hair.  All in all it was ugly for about 10 minutes before I gave up and went to my official meeting.  There I relaxed and sounded more intelligent anyway.

There have been big attitudes at my house.  I am tired of someone being mad at me for volunteering.  For me not being there at his beck and call for a few hours a week.  What makes it really ridiculous is when I get home it isn't like they really needed anything.  They should be able to handle a few hours on their own.  I don't care too much that he doesn't like me spending time on other things because he is gone just about every Saturday 9 months out of the year.  I just needed to get this out so I can let it go this week.

I am stressing a bit about the summer.  And child care.  It is set up with my sister-in-law and nieces but it is never easy.

I am also sad about Sister and the other woman leaving our church this week.

I am frustrated with the situation my sister finds herself in and the fact that I can't really fix it.  No one can but her and her husband.  If he would ever grow up.

I didn't mean for this to turn into such a venting post but I guess I am kind of crabby and I don't like when I am like that.  So hopefully after putting this all out there I can move on.  I just hope we don't have a guest priest this Sunday.  I need our Father's mass to put me right back in the correct frame of mind.


Heather said...

Vent away! I hope you feel better soon.

Lauri said...

This is what having a blog is all about.. a safe place to vent

so vent away

ever consider sending Jaclyn to a local rec center camp?