Friday, May 20

Office Politics

At work I stay out of the office politics as much as I possibly can.  I stay at my desk and mind my own business.  For the most part this has served me well. 

I just don't like all the drama and backstabbing that can sometimes occur or just miscommunications and misunderstandings in the office environment.

I guess this is true even of the church "office".  So far it has been fine.  But there was something that happened yesterday that makes me feel the need to clear the air with my policy of not getting involved in their politics. 

I have specific projects I am working on.  A couple require me to work with the staff because I need either info for the website or work for the volunteers.  I think some people may have mistook my helping them think of ideas/solutions for their process (they asked me about it) as me willing to take it over.  I had to reassure Father via voicemail that I am still focused only on the items he and I discussed.  That I was simply trying to give them ideas they can use.  I am glad he isn't going to allow them to dump too much on me.  Previously I told him that I would always be honest with him regarding what I can and can't do due to knowledge or time constraints.  So I also stated that again and told him that I honestly couldn't take on another large project at this point even if I wanted to so rest assured.  I just hope he is reassured of my focus.  He already knows I need to meet with him again soon so hopefully we can get together next week so I can move forward on our projects.

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