Friday, May 13

This Week

This has been one of those weeks you feel like you can do it all and actually do everything you set your mind to.

We volunteered to help serve breakfast and lunch for the children's retreat for those making their 1st communions this coming weekend.  I also made sugar cookies in the shape of crosses which I covered in white royal icing and white sparkly sanding sugar.  It was really sweet how Sister made a big deal out of them and of course I was a bit shy standing in front of everyone while she did.   But the fun part is one of the moms asked me to make her 50 for her child's communion party this weekend.  Of course I said yes.  She came and picked them up yesterday and was so happy she said she would order more next year for her next child.  That is really cool.

One of our friend's daughter is also making her 1st communion Saturday and they asked me to make her cake.  And again I of course said yes.  I only need to frost it and apply the decorations that I pre-made.

I have been doing a lot of research and reading for the church projects I will be working on.  Plus all of my normal family items.

Tomorrow will be a communion and mass infused day.  And then mass again on Sunday.

What a great week!

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