Monday, June 11

Monday Morning Blues

The weather this past weekend was so nice. Perfect even. It was sunny. Warm. and Breezy. Just how I like it. No humidity and not really hot.

Sadly Saturday I didn't get to spend too much time outside, though. But I made up for it on Sunday. I even pulled some weeds.

Me-gardening. That is just unheard of. I hate to weed. I will tolerate planting but then I just want everything to grow beautifully. I think the reason I hate it so much is that is seems to be a never ending project in the summer heat with dirty nasty bugs around.

Anyway, we played with the plants a bit. We had lunch on the patio. Belle played on her swing set after we removed the extremely large spider webs covering it. Why can't the spiders just stick to the stuff made in nature and leave our outside toys alone. Is that too much to ask!

But the big news is that Belle rode her bike almost the whole length of our driveway (which is a decent size) with NO training wheels and NO help. She only stopped because I grabbed the handle bars and pulled her to stop(fall) before she headed straight into the street. She got one small wound on her knee which was pretty good considering she was trying to do this with legs exposed.

She did have a melt down of I can't do this and so on. In my head I was thinking I need to make sure I boost her up because this is one of those lasting moments that can shape her future. She was very frustrated and just was sitting on the ground with her head in her lap half pouting and half crying as her bike lay on the ground next to her. She just kept saying she couldn't do and that she quits. I had her get up and come onto the patio chairs with me. She sat in my lap and I hugged her and asked her if she really wanted to quit. She said no but that she couldn't do it. I reminded her of how she has been trying for a long time to snap her fingers and how if she had quit a long time ago she wouldn't be able to do it today. I told her that to learn something new is hard and can be very frustrating but if she keeps practicing she will get it very soon. I reminded her how well she did riding down the driveway. She seemed to be OK by the time we were done talking but I could also tell she was tired which I know contributed to the melt down. Shortly after a little more on the swing set we went inside for some down time.

Of course I had to take her picture pouting which only made her hide a bit more but that was only before our talk.


Heather said...

Great job, Mom! The best things we can teach our kids is not how to ride a bike, but explain how learning to ride a bike is hard and that if we keep at it, it will happen.

Frustrations with not being able to do things easily are one of the big issues with our daughter.

Diana said...

Congratulations on the new bike rider!