Friday, June 8


Man-they lost! But they will win game 2. They have to.

My sister-in-law watches Belle during the day. This has been a good arrangement for us since she was 9 months old and my mom decided she wasn't going to watch her anymore. We pay my SIL (I think pretty well) the same amount every pay check whether she actually watches her or not so that they don't get stuck financially. My SIL really makes out on this deal.

Now I know my girl can be challenging sometimes but really I think she is a pretty good kid. But put her with my SIL's nephew from her side of the family (who is 3) and it is a different story. I think part of it is that Belle likes things to be just so and they should be fair. She likes to get first pick of the toys and so on. Belle doesn't back down when pushed (figuratively or literally) so that creates arguments.

But this little boy is something else. He is unlike any child I have ever heard of or seen. He is truly bad. He knows he is being bad. He is very hyperactive and is just plain crazy. I don't like to say stuff like that about a child. Especially someone else's but this kid......

For example, a very mild example, is while I was just on the phone with SIL I hear him say in the background "I'm gonna kill you". He said this to Belle. SIL makes him apologize and 5 minutes later while I am still on the phone he says it to her again. In my mind I am thinking go get him Belle. Don't take that. But I can't teach her that because I don't want her fighting. But he has been known to hit her across the head with a toy among other physical abuses. He gets in trouble but he really doesn't care. Take something away from him and he truly doesn't care.

I am grateful she is a strong girl who sticks up for herself. But I fear the fights I am going to hear about from school. Maybe not physical fights but verbal.

Add to all of this my husband calls to say he is getting off of work early and he has an attitude. Let's just say a bad attitude. Greeeaaatttt. By the time I get home from work both him and Belle should be good and crabby since he doesn't know how to effectively deal with her sometimes and she is opinionated. I just want to go home to get them separated before they can fight.

Maybe I better stop at the store first and get myself a bell to ring to signal the end of each round.

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