Thursday, June 28

Where Did My Baby Go

My girl is growing up so very fast. She can amaze me every single day.

What is making me a bit sad today is the fact that for the past 4 nights she didn't ask for her story and song when she was going to bed.

Every night since she was an infant I would read her this story and sing her this song and if I didn't she would ask me to. Sometimes I would just try to say goodnight after laying with her in her bed for a few minutes and get up to go. She would always catch me.

This past week she wanted to fall asleep in my bed on Sunday and Monday. When she does that she really doesn't look for her story and song. Sometimes she does but mostly not.

So I thought for sure she would want it on Tuesday when I told her she had to go in her bed. But she was also getting into a wee bit of trouble so I didn't lay down with her. She still didn't ask for it.

OK. Last night she would definitely want her story and song. I lied down next to her. We talked like we usually do. She was holding onto my head so I couldn't get up but no requests other than she didn't want me to go.

I left her to fall asleep and said, "Goodnight, I love you!" which is what I make sure is the last thing she hears before she falls asleep but still no story or song.

So I will read you the little story that I know by heart. It comes from one of the thick and small square board books.

Story: Belle lives in a small village. She loves to read.
Belle finds an old castle in the forest.
Belle makes new friends at the castle.
The Beast lives at the castle too. He thinks Belle is beautiful.
Belle falls in love with the Beast and he becomes a handsome prince.
The End

This story is always immediately followed by the song.

Song: I love you, bushel and a peck. Bushel and a peck.
And a hug around the neck. A hug around the neck.
And a barrel and a heap. A barrel and a heap
And I'm singing in my sleep, I love you.
I love you!

Yes we changed the words a tiny bit but it sounds the same.

Are you all sleepy now? I know I am. I just should have stayed in bed....


Lauri said...

I love bedtime routines... we have a few different bedtime songs

an easy one to remember-

round and round like a teddy bear ( drawing circled on her tummy or back)

One step, two step... ( walking fingers up her body)

tickle under there ( tickle under her chin)

Jenn said...

Oh, I wish for you that she starts to sing again.

And that when she does, you can perfectly store that memory in your heart.


Her Grace said...

It hurts for me two, when they grow out of a phase I love. But it usually begins a new phase that I love even more. We're lucky, aren't we, to have these kids and watch them grow?

Thanks for stopping by, hope you like the new blog!