Monday, June 18


I am almost afraid to post this.

But as we speak my roof should be at least 3/4 of the way done.

Don't say it too loud since they may want to leave my house since it is a toasty and humid 90 degrees today.

But they did take it upon themselves to take water from our hose during the day. My MIL caught them hooking it up when she went to pick up my dog. That really ticks me off though.

It would have been one thing if they would have said that the guys may good water from the hose if that is ok but the fact that it was like they were sneaking it really bugs me. It could be because of all of the grief we have had trying to get them there but still.

Add that to the fact that I am not quite sure where my girl is and who she is with today puts me on edge. My SIL normally watches her but calls me Saturday night to say that she wants to go to a funeral on Monday and that she has one of my niece's friends watching her kids and what did I want to do with Belle. WTF! Well let's see. I just took Friday off. My roof is getting done on Monday so I can't be in the house and my MIL is taking my dog to her house and can't come to our house to watch Belle. Gee I think I will be bringing her over for Morgan to watch her. And to top that off SIL says I need to pay Morgan. Hmmmm-don't I pay you? Shouldn't you pay her? Anyway I put $10 in Belle's bag but I wasn't going to pay top dollar. Morgan isn't looking for a certain amount and I have no idea what the going rate is but she isn't solely watching my child. She is watching Belle plus 2 of my SIL's kids (one of which old enough to babysit on her own so she will probably really be helping) and then the bratty nephew on the other side of the family. I hate to say that about any child but this one is beyond anything I have ever seen first hand. He will be 4 in November and will still smack his mom so hard across the face that you gasp. To that I say hell no.'t.

Anyway, once again a kind of crappy but good Monday. Swimming lessons begin tonight so the crazy busy summer begins.


Heather said...

Not to jinx you either, but congrats on getting the roof done.

Anonymous said...

anytime you need a spare sitter... I am here... honestly.

That would bug me too... not knowing where my child was...