Tuesday, June 26

Pleated Tote

Thanks to Beki at artsycraftybabe I got to make a cool pleated tote bag. Mine is in no way as cute at hers.

I picked the fabric and cut it out according to her pattern.

It went pretty smoothly. The only mishaps were my own fault for not fully thinking about what I was doing.

It came out pretty good. I wasn't happy with the thread I used because it looked a bit wonky on the underside but other than that I was pretty happy with it. I used one of my grandmothers vintage buttons also.

Belle gave it to her dance teacher on Sunday. She seemed to like it. I hope she did and that she will actually use it.


beki said...

I think it looks great!

Diana said...

Wow. You are just so talented! I bet Belle's teacher was honestly delighted with it.

Lauri said...


Jenn said...


And even better, cause you did it yourself.

Rock on, Martha Stewart.