Monday, June 4


We need a new TV. We have had our current one for about 8 years.

It blinks a million and one times when you turn it on. Eventually it evens itself out but it takes awhile.

Now once it is turned on it stays on until we go to bed at least on the weekends. During the week we turn it on in the mornings and then again when we get home from work unless someone is there during the day.

What happened to the days when you would have the same TV for 20 years. Or any appliance.

So we have to start researching what is out there. And they are soooooo expensive. It is kind of pointless to get a regular TV at about $600 when you can spend a couple hundred more for a flat panel HD.

But do you get LCD or plasma. And what brand do you get. Are the no name brands just as good? And so on and so on go my questions.

Anyone have any advice? Sadly fixing it is out of the question.


Lauri said...

we had to get a new tv as well.... we think our old one may be fixable.. seems to be something with the cable.

I leave all this stuff up to John... but your right... things just dont seem to last like they used too

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I heard that plasma only lasts about 5-7 years! Yeah, remember hte old fashioned manual dial channel changer of a tv with the big tube in the back? I remember BLACK AND WHITE!