Tuesday, October 17


I love crafts of all sorts. I haven't really talked about it here. But whenever I have a spare moment I like to make something. I have done so many different projects over the years. Some I have finished. Others not so much.

But in the end I just love crafting.

I am now trying to make items to sell at a craft fair that is held in the cafeteria of my work.

I have made some beaded cuff socks in Christmas colors as well as other everyday colors. My daughter loves these and keeps trying to keep them for herself.

I have also made some fleece hats and I am going to try to make some fleece scarves to match.

I have a few knitted scarves.

I have some beaded bracelets

And I will probably make some pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.

The hardest part is finding the time. But as we sit and watch tv or I am sitting watching Jaclyn's dance class I can knit or bead socks. I have been know to take these things with me to work so that I can do some at lunch time.

I wish I was able to do this to make money for charity. But truth is we could use the extra cash to pay on some bills such as the one for my new eye sight.

I did see this wonderful cause that is knitting socks for adopted children. I think that is such a great idea.

I am trying to instill this love of crafts in my daughter also. I think it would be so much fun for us to create "stuff" together.

In this spirit I am going to really try to turn our spare bedroom into a full fledged craft (and bed) room. It is a little bit now but nothing organized. It is my catch all room and can quickly become a mess. I am trying to change all of this and not spend much money on it at all. I really need to create a room plan and try to carry it out.

Once I take pictures of above items I will post those to give the full visual effect.

I would love to know what sorts of crafty things others do or have done. Anyone care to share?

I am always looking for great organizing and craft ideas. I am obsessed.

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Lauri said...

Im starting to love scrapbooking...
I love taking pictures of Livi and creating a whole page to tell a story of the picture is very relaxing to me. Our entire upstairs attic is a junk room and we just made a goal to create it into a play area for livi and a scrapbook room for me. We hope to get this done by christmas