Thursday, October 19


Normally I don't dress up for Halloween. We typically will go to a Halloween function that is held in our city and I will dress my daughter. I may thrown on a headband that has some sort of ears. Or I may do the typical black cat and add a tail to my pants, draw whiskers on my face and put on the ears.

There is a picture that has run 2 years in a row in our local newspaper of me painting my daughter's nails with glow in the dark nail polish. She is dressed up like Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and I have my face painted with whiskers to be my black cat impersonation.

This year I thought we may do something different. My daughter has known since last year what she was going to be so she was easy. But now my husband wants to dress up. And he leaves it to me to think of something good for him to be. And to book I may have to sew it. All by this Sunday possibly. UGH>

I came up with Obi-Wan Kenobi. He thought possibly but he would need to see it. So I purchased the pattern last night. Then he decides that is old and done. He wants to know what else I've got. Well I don't have anything else. So then he wants to know what movies have come out this year. Again, I have no idea. If it is not a kids movie you can forget it.

So I am throwing this out there. Anyone have any great and fairly easy costume ideas?


Catizhere said...


We were watching tv the other night & a commercial was on for something or another regarding Pirates of the Carribean, an dMag pipes up with...That's my REAL Daddy!

jeneflower said...

My favorite costume my husband wore was a hippie. We gave him a long haired wig, a tye dyed shirt and lots of beads. He was cute in it.