Monday, October 2


I went to the doctor on Friday. I was still feeling pain in my side and was nauseous.

I got there and the doctor pushed and it didn't really hurt. I tried to sit up and that hurt. He wanted me to provide a urine sample. But I crumbled under the pressure. I tried to drink a bunch of water and still nothing. I couldn't even squeak out a drop. I felt like I was in there forever. When I finally opened the door the assistant was waiting and I hung my head and said sorry. I just couldn't do it. I am usually good with that but it wasn't to be.

I went back into the exam room and waited again for the doctor. He came back in shaking his head at me. He has a great sense of humor. He said he felt that it was muscular and gave me a prescription to take. He said to call him the next morning or on Monday if it wasn't any better.

I feel this morning it is better. Not 100% better but still much better than it was last week. I really didn't think I pulled a muscle since I hadn't done anything to warrant it on Monday or Tuesday. Granted over the previous weekend we had been moving furniture but still nothing I felt hurt. So I don't know what happened. But hopefully it is just a pulled muscle and doesn't flair up again.


jeneflower said...

That sounds like a typical trip to the doctor. That is why I hate going. The doctors can rarely help you. I just went in for four weeks of PT for my knees and then I just dropped out because I didn't have the time for it and my knees hurt just the same as before. I lost my faith in doctors to cure all ailments a long time ago. I know they can do great things, but for the smaller things I just take aspirin and hope it goes away.

Well, I hope you feel better and it is just a pulled muscle so you can recover quickly.

Diana said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Any chance it could have been from your ovary? Abdominal pain can be hard to sort out, especially the right lower abdominal area. Loads of stuff in that part of the body, most of which can be tender. Some very serious, others merely miserable. Greaaaat. Here's hoping it's on the run for good.

Chelsea said...

I'm doing ok, going for a follicle scan tonight. Thanks for asking. I was glad to hear that its probably just your back, hope its getting better!