Wednesday, October 18

Sick or Not???

My daughter is sick today. Or is she?

She has been having a rough couple of days with a really bad attitude. So after I talked to her yesterday after work she seems to be a bit happier. She went to bed without too many problems and that was it for the night. She slept soundly until I had to wake her this morning.


She was very winey and crying this morning over anything and everything.

I don't like that shirt. I don't want tennis shoes. I can't get my pants up. Wahhhhhh. I hit my ear on the door. And on it went until we left.

Somehow I managed to get her dressed and into the car. But not before another Wahhhhhh. I hit my elbow. Which was right after the Wahhhhhh. I can't see anything (after I turned off the light to leave).

So I should have known the call I would get from my sister in law. Especially after what Jaclyn said in the car on the way there (her throat hurts).

About 15 minutes before she had to be at school my SIL called and said she wasn't sure what she should do. Jaclyn is complaining that her throat hurts, her head hurts, and her tummy hurts. She has been laying around all morning and not constantly asking if it was her turn to go to school.

I talked to Jaclyn and told her that if she is sick she can't go to school and can't play during the day. That she will need to lay around and rest. She said she just wanted to stay on the couch.


I tell my SIL that I guess if she thinks she is really sick that I will call the school and let them know she isn't coming. Because she said her tummy hurt, my SIL didn't try to give her any breakfast so I am wondering if it was hurting from sickness or hurting from hunger as she had been up for a few hours by this time.

My SIL had to run to the store and had to take Jaclyn and her nephew whom I shall nickname badboy or BB for short. He really is a terror and I try very hard not to say that about any child. But he would push me over the edge. Picture my SIL driving with Jaclyn and BB in the back in their car seats. They pass Jaclyn's school and BB asks if she is going to school today. She tells him no because her head kinda hurts. Her tummy kinda hurts. And last but not least that her throat kinda hurts. That she didn't really feel like going to school today because of those things.


Did she already learn the art of faking illness? At four?

I really don't think she did but I will certainly be checking out her alibi when I get home. Shortly (5 minutes later) she tells my SIL that she is feeling better.


I better get out my spotlight so that I can conduct a proper inquisition. Something seems fishy.

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Lauri said...

hard to say at that general opinion is that they usually dont fake those things but again... im not sure