Tuesday, October 24

Halloween Candy

So what to do. What to do with all of that Halloween candy. In the past I tell Jaclyn to pick out maybe 10-15 pieces of candy and the rest we will give to people who weren't able to get candy. Which really means we take it to work and pass it off on the people there.

But I just read the best idea. The Halloween Witch. I love this idea. I will definitely be trying it this year. I will let Jaclyn know that I sent the witch an email to sign us up. I am so excited to tell her about this. I think it is a great idea.

I will have her think of a few things to put on the list and will tell her that I need to email the list to the witch so she can pick the gift she wants to bring.

So say bye bye to all the candy in our house and to be able to do it without protest. Not that she really protested giving away most of her candy to others but still.

What more can I ask for?

I would love to hear any other ideas people may have for different holidays. For example, what about the tooth fairy? Gifts or money?

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