Tuesday, October 10

Field Trip

Today Jaclyn got to go on her first school field trip. It was to an apple farm. I took the morning off of work to be one of the parent drivers. I plan to do this again for her next one also. I am not sure I am ready to let another parent that I don't know drive her anywhere. I am really trying to not be too overprotective but it is really hard. With all of the crimes against kids these days you just never know. Plus I don't know what kind of drivers they are.

Anyone else who would have been leery about letting your child go in someone else's car?

Anyway, I get off subject.

When you get there you take a tracker pulled wagon ride across the land. The first thing the kids got to do was go through a child size cornstalk maze. Jaclyn went running through it in no time.

They were also able to peddle little trackers around a track. All of the kids were having a really hard time being able to peddle well enough as they were really heavy and hard to move.

Then they moved on to either the sand box or the play houses made of wood. One was set up like a schoolhouse and the other like a regular house.

In another area was all sorts of hay to climb on and had slides built into the hay. The kids were running around and having a great time getting all full of hay. One girl looked like she was a scarecrow.

From there they got to go down slides made from trees and across a bridge to another slide. The kids weren't sliding too well until they figured out to lay down on their backs with their feet up. Then they really starting booking down the slides.

We went on a hike through the woods. Each kid had to pick up 2 leaves to give to the teacher. She is taking those back to class. They had a snack at a pavilion in the woods.

One of the teachers found a whoolybear caterpillar to show them. All of their little faces were bunched around the teacher to get a good look at it.

Once back around to the front they got back in line for the tracker ride. We all piled back onto the wagon and headed back towards the cars.

I drove Jaclyn plus one other little girl from her class. On the way to the farm she didn't say anything. Not even a peep (and not the marshmallow kind). But on the way back she wouldn't be quiet. It was rather amusing to me.

The only thing that was grossing me out was she kept sneezing and making a nasty sound when she coughed. Her nose kept running also. Jaclyn was sitting right next to her in the car so I am praying she doesn't get sick. At one point they went to share the rest of their snacks and I told them they couldn't. I couldn't help it. I swear I am getting to be such a germaphobe. Anyone else feel the same way? I wonder if it is just me.

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jeneflower said...

I am the same way. Seriously if my kids or someone sneezes in the same room that I am eating in(provided it is a small room)- I sometimes dump my food in the trash. That is how freaked I am.