Wednesday, October 4


My girl had her first homework assignment yesterday. She was supposed to go on a field trip to an apple farm but due to the rainy/stormy weather it was postponed.

One of the things they were going to do on this field trip was to gather 3 leaves. They need them for class today.

Soooo, since they were unable to go on their field trip they still needed to gather 3 leaves. Hence the homework assignment.

Before I even got home she gathered three of these from my sister in laws house. When we got home we picked up 3 others. There was an oak leaf that looked similar to this one which was brown. One from a burning bush that look like this one and was red, and another one from a bush that turned yellow. I couldn't find a picture of that since I have no idea what kind it is.

I am not sure if they had to be from trees or not. So she is covered either way. I wonder what they will do with their leaves. Hmmmmm

When I asked her if she liked getting homework. She said.....

"yes, but I thought I could keep it at home."

Let's hope she always likes to have homework. I have a feeling she will change her mind. Anyone care to take odds?!

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Jenn (formerly gibby23roarof84) said...

Big A loves homework, except for the stuff that she has to do on her own, without parental involvement. :)