Friday, October 6

School Violence

It seems more and more people or children are taking guns into the school and killing anyone and everyone they can. I can't comprehend this.

It scares me more and more. With every new shooting I worry more because not only are my nieces and nephews in school currently but my precious little girl has started going to school. Granted she is only in pre-school this year but that soon will change.

On some level I would love to know what that person is thinking. I would love to know what makes a person think it is a good idea to kill children in any format.

I realize I sound like an old fart when I say this statement, but, I don't ever remember fearing for my safety at school on this level. Our only fear is that a rivalry school would come to ours and start a fight. A good old fashioned fist fight. Not good. But not deadly.

What is alarming also is how the media won't let it go. For every news channel or radio station has to recount the headlines and some in depth. I don't let Jaclyn watch the news when I can help it. I don't want her to worry about these things yet. I don't want her innocence taken away. I listen to a family friendly morning radio show and the other day they recounted the news headlines.

I was driving Jaclyn to my sister in laws house so I could go to work. On this short drive she heard the headline, "Children shot at school....." Of course she repeated it in a concerned voice.
I was caught a little off guard and didn't know what to say. So I said something lame like, "That won't happen at your school. That happened far away from us."

That was only half true. It wasn't all that far away and it was in an amish community. I would never have guessed that would happen.

I feel for those parents. Their beliefs are to forgive and that when it is your time there is nothing you can do. The details of how you die are not what counts but when. I don't think I could be that strong if someone hurt my child.

Sometimes I really believe this world is going to hell. I really hope I am wrong.


Bethany said...

There really has been a string of unusually bad violence the last couple of weeks. Ugly, ugly, ugly stuff.

jeneflower said...

It is just shocking and horrible. I think you did the right thing to reasure Jaclyn. It is important that kids feel safe.

Lauri said...

Its a scary world ... I think we try to shelter our children as much as we can but at a certain age we have to teach that we are sharing the world with a good, bad and sick people.

I totally get you not wanting her to hear it or see it. Lets keep them innocent while we can.

Catizhere said...

It *IS* scary. Maggie's daycare has just instituted a new "door-policy" The outer doors are kept locked as long as the children are inside.

Jenn (formerly gibby23roarof84) said...

It has been horrifying how much violence there has been lately. As a parent, you can't help but think, "what if it happened here"? I remember when there was a string of child abductions, I drilled into Big A's head what she would do if approached by a stranger...and it scared her to death, but what could happen to her also kept me up at night. I miss the days of my youth; it just seems like children cannot be children anymore.