Wednesday, October 25


I think there is really an epidemic that needs serious consideration. The sad thing is that I don't think the people affected by this terrible disease are even aware they have the disease.

Thankfully I have not been infected. Nor has my family. Well my daughter has had a couple of close calls but hasn't caught it.

On Sunday at a Halloween party hosted by our friend I noticed a few people who were unaware they have been infected. The party was the search for the Great Pumpkin. He had about 100 pumpkins in his front yard and you had to pick one. They were all numbered on the bottom and if you picked the winning number you either won lottery tickets or the Great Pumpkin. And during this search I became quite alarmed at the number of infected people. Luckily, or unluckily, we won the Great Pumpkin this year. Actually Jaclyn won it and it took a wheel barrel to get it to our car. It is rather large. But I get off subject.

Even the host was infected. This disease does not care if you are male or female. It affects both. The host had no idea he was infected. I could tell. But sure enough he had the terrible disease.......Butt Crackitis.

You too could be among those infected. Particularly if you prefer the low rise jeans. You see every time you squat down the back portion opens a bit. And because they are already low all that is exposed is the butt crack.

It is no longer a disease simply for the plumbers. It can now affect any size, shape, gender, and profession. Beware. Take precautions that you too will not become infected.

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Mary said...

Ahhhh, now I know what the technical term for that is. Very funny!