Monday, August 14

Help or Not So Much

Let me set the stage....

It is spaghetti for dinner and I cook. I make the sauce in one pot. Brown the ground meat in a pan and then add to sauce pot (minus the grease). Boil water and cook noodles in another pot. Drain noodles in strainer.

We eat. So that is 3 bowls (yes we are a bit strange and eat our spaghetti out of a bowl instead of a plate), 3 forks, 3 glasses, 2 pots, 1 pan, 1 strainer, 2 serving spoons, and other misc. dishes in the sink. Oh I almost forgot about the rolls I made so that adds another knife and cookie sheet. Not to mention having to wipe off the stove and wash the spoon holder from the stove.


I go into the kitchen to start to clean up. I hate washing dishes after spaghetti night. We do not have a dish washer so everything is done by hand. Which on most days is ok. Anyway into the kitchen I go. I put the sauce in a bowl for leftovers and begin to wash the dishes.

I notice my husband washed his bowl and fork.

BUT LEFT EVERYTHING ELSE. He even had to wash these around the strainer and pot in the sink from the noodles. He has done this on several occasions.

I laugh the I can't believe this is happening again laugh. He wonders what I am laughing at. So I proceed to say, "You washed your bowl?"

He replies, "yeah, I know how you hate to wash spaghetti dishes."

I then proceed to let him know that by washing only his bowl he is not helping me at all. It is not really the dishes we eat on that I hate to wash. That I really hate the pots and pans.

Can anyone guess what he said next?????

Yep, him, "Ok, then I won't do it anymore."

Me, "UGH"

So I pose this question, was it really a help or not?

Also does anyone have anything that your significant other does that thinks they are helping but really just annoys you????


Lauri said...

OH Yes...... all the time.... I swear John still thinks he lives at home w/ Mom.

Funny post

Chelsea said...

Nathan leaves cabinet doors open, everywhere, he will open every cupboard in the house and then just go sit down and do what he's doing. Never thinking that I am going to walk around the corner and smash my head into one! I've learned to ask with the "it really helps me when you XXX", he seems to respond much better and acutally stop doing or changing the habit...good luck!

Mary said...

You should try cooking your ground beef in a little water instead of frying it...less grease and the water holds more of the nutrients in the meat.