Wednesday, August 30


I find myself going crazy this week because I cannot wear my eye makeup. I am not someone who looks perfect by any means. I have been known to run up to the store without makeup on as long as I wasn't going to be gone long. I do pray that I never run into anyone. The horror of that is unthinkable.

But I have now had to go to work for 4 days without makeup. And everyone is looking at me. I know they are. I am NOT paranoid. They ARE looking at me. Don't you see them?

Ok maybe not but that is what it feels like. On a normal day, I start the day with my makeup done and I attempt to do my hair. Although if there is any moisture in the air that is a futile project. But at least I start the day with my makeup on. During the day I rub my eyes, face, and who knows what else. Not there. I mean on my face. Anyway, by the end of the day my makeup is usually rubbed off for the most part. My mascara and eye liners do see me through, though.

So now every time I have to leave my desk in my very brown bland cubicle I feel the eyes.



Jenn (formerly gibby23roarof84) said...

I know what you mean: I hardly wear any make-up, but I feel absolutely NAKED if I don't have my mascara's my mainstay. I've read magazine articles where women tried to go a week w/out their favorite makeup and couldn't...just think at the end of the week, you can put your makeup back on and peer out of your perfect eyes!!

jeneflower said...

I have thought of getting permanent mascara (salon dyed) for this reason. My mom did that and says it is so nice.

Chelsea said...

You're too cute Lauren. I would advise caution on any dying of eyelashes or permanent makeup. I work in an Ophthomology office and we have had many recent cases of eye problems from permanent makeup.