Friday, August 11

Lasik Surgery

Anyone ever done this?

It scares me to death. I have put off even considering it for a few years.


This year my contacts have been making me crazy! Wearing glasses is not really an option I am happy with. So I suddenly decided to make an appointment. I go on 8/19 for my free consultation. The worst part is that I need to take my contacts out for 5 days prior. So that will be a hard week.

The biggest stumbling block is the cost. This is not covered by my insurance so it will be completely out of my pocket. This may mean the difference between whether or not I follow through with this.


If it is possible. And it is successful. And I don't need to wear contacts or glasses.

I don't know what I would do with myself. To be able to wake up, swim, or do anything in my daily life and be able to see clearly without eye irritation would be simply marvelous.

So wish me luck that I would only need one of the less expensive lasers and that I am a good candidate....

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