Tuesday, August 8

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

We were on vacation last week. We didn't go anywhere but were very busy. Each day I did a little more to clean out our basement but I didn't want it to rule the week. I wanted to do something fun with my daughter each and every day.

So here is what our week consisted of:

Monday: We went to feed the carp at the spillway at Pymatuning. It wasn't as good as it usually is since we were not able to get enough old bread to throw and then to boot it was closed. So we made the best of it and parked down the road a bit and walked to the other side. Jaclyn was just as happy as if the normal area had been open. Plus due to the good nature of other people that were there they gave us an additional 5 or 6 loaves of bread. That was very nice of them and completely surprising. I try to believe in the good in people but it still takes me by surprise when someone does something purely to be nice. So THANK YOU mysterious people who gave so kindly of your bread!

Tuesday: Jaclyn and I spent the day at a special pool in a neighboring city. She picked which one she wanted to go to and we stayed from 1:00 - 7:00pm. We had tons of fun swimming and sunning. They had slides and a sprinkler area in the kids pool. Plus we went to the big pool to do some real swimming and jumping.

Wednesday: We went to Geauga Lake. It was still hotter than hot but it was great since we spent most of the time in the waterpark side. We went in the wave pool (Which is so much better than the original wave pool. Now it keeps giving waves for awhile then it stops for awhile and then starts again. You get the picture, don't you?), went down the slides, and swam around. Jaclyn surprised us by going down the tube slides and another one that was a little bigger than she was willing to do before. We went to see if she wanted to ride some rides in the kids area but she wasn't too interested. She did do the adult version of the log ride. I know. Go figure. A water ride. But it was her first real roller coaster type ride. We warned her that there was a little hill but then we would go up a big hill and then all the way down. She was a little scared but said she loved it. She was surprised she got splashed at the end but was still ok with it. She even wanted to do it again right away. We convinced her we would stop back on our way back to the waterpark side after she rode some kiddie rides. Well she only wanted to ride one after she decided it went too high. We were even with her. She is so a girl after my own heart. But she did take me for a drive on the old cars. She was in front and I was in back. It was pretty funny. She then decided she didn't want to ride the log ride again but just go back to the waterpark. So we did. We stayed until it closed at 8:00pm. She fell asleep on the way home and I felt so bad having to wake her to go potty and put on her pj's.

But the funniest part of the whole day was while I was going to get food. Jay wanted a burger so he got a table with Jaclyn still in her stroller. I brought him his food and went to get drinks and something for Jaclyn and I. She didn't really want anything other than ice cream and I didn't either since it was soooooooo hot. So I decided what the hell and got her some dippin dots ice cream. When I get back to the table she is hiding in her stroller under the hood part. She won't tell Jay what she said. So I get her to tell me what she said about the ducks that were walking around. She is whispering in my ear and I have to keep asking her to say it again since it was so quiet. Finally I hear' " I said big ass feet". Oh my goodness. She apparently saw the duck in front of her and told Jay that the duck has big ass feet. Then realized what she said was a bad word and clammed up. It still cracks me up. Needless to say she did not get into trouble but was told that I was happy she told me what she said but to not say that again as it is a bad word. Soooooooooooo veeeerrrrrry Fuuuunnnnnyyyy!!!!!

Thursday: It was supposed to rain a bit so we went to see the movie Cars. We went to the matinee. And I was thinking it would only cost a total with popcorn and drinks for the 3 of us about $20-$25 max. Boy was I wrong. It cost us $18.75 just to get in and then another $14.50 for 1 popcorn and 2 drinks. As you can tell I don't go to the movies much. Only the $1.50 show on occasion. I won't be doing that again. Of course unless it is a really good movie that I just can't wait to see. But that doesn't happen too often.

Friday: We just hung out during the day. We had to drive to the other side of town to pick up Train concert tickets that my husband won from the radio station. But in the evening we went to see the Browns practice at their stadium during their family fun night. Jaclyn was fairly bored during the practice but was happy to eat. She wanted a hotdog, popcorn, lemonade, ice cream, and who knows what else. What she got was a hotdog (surprisingly priced for the evening at just $1), lemonade we shared, and ice cream. Of course she managed to get ice cream on the end of her ponytail which then got it all over the back of her shirt. This was the first time she wore this shirt and I can't get the chocolate ice cream out.

Anyone have a good solution for getting chocolate ice cream stains out of a shirt??

Saturday: We mostly hung out around the house and swam in the little pool in our backyard. John, Lauri, and Olivia came over in the afternoon for a little swimming fun and to play on our new swingset. It was great having them over. Jaclyn and Olivia are so cute together. At one point Olivia sat on Jaclyn's little lap to go down the slide and then that was the only way she would go down.

Sunday: Reality starts to set in so I start to get stuff together for the upcoming week. UGH>
But we did go to my sister-in-laws house to swim in their pool for the afternoon.

In a nutshell we had a great week!!!!
Too bad all weeks can't be like this...

I am grateful to have a job but I really hate working. I really really need to win the lottery.


Lauri said...

sounds like a fun filled vacation.... you were busy... you need a vacation to rest from that vacation... Im surprised you were not so tired on saturday.

Sorry that it was so short


Diana said...

Sorry! I was abut to comment yesterday but got pulled away and didn't get to come back. Wonderful vacation!

As an aside, have you tried Oxyclean to get out chocolate stains? It's worked for me. Comes in a spray bottle as well as a tob o' granules. If the stain is particularly bad, I make a paste with the granules and let it sit on the stain (careful or it will remove some of the color of the garment as well as the stain). I also toss in a small scoop with my regular laundry to catch smaller stains that sneak by my rather shoddy laundry vigilance.

If the stain has gone through the dryer, disregard any and all of the above, of course. The only thing to fix that is a trip to the new clothes store.

Chelsea said...

Lauren that "Big ass feet" comment had me busting a gut, reminds me of a story my girlfriend tells about her 5 yo. There is the 10 yo and the 5 yo, the older one knocks over the youngers princess tent and the younger goes to tattle on her, well she's so worked up that it comes out as "Dad, Zoe, she, she, Zoe, she, she, she, She knocked my F'in tent down!!!" Except she said the full F-bomb! It was hilarious! Jaclyn sounds like a riot