Friday, August 11

Why oh why can't I win the lottery....

I am feeling kind of sad today. I would so love to be able to be a SAHM but sadly that is just not in the cards for me.

If you are easily offended by the debate of Working Moms vs. SAHM then continue reading at your own risk. I do not mean to offend. It is simply how I feel.

I often wonder about the work from home advertisements you see. I know most are scams but how do you weed those out? How wonderful it would be to find a legitimate job that allows it's employees to work from home. My employer has a few of those positions but it is scary to me to take that risk. Most of the people I know that have taken those positions in a claims processing department are now no longer with the company. A risk I can't afford to make.

I also often wonder how many people feel as I do. I am often jealous of the SAHM's out there. When home on a vacation day and running errands you see these other mom's out with their kids. I make assumptions they don't work which they could be doing of me also when at a store or park or wherever during the day during the week. I don't judge them just envy them.
It is always hard for me to be supportive of a SAHM who complains about it. I know in my head that with everything there are frustrations and challenges so why would being a SAHM be any different. But in my heart I feel like I would give anything to have those problems. I try my best to listen and be supportive because I know my jealousy is not their fault.

I am just so much happier and at peace when I know I don't have to work. Please don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to have a job. I just wish I had the choice of working or not.


jeneflower said...

Being a SAHM is what I feel best about too, but it is hard to not have your own money. In my house I have to ask permission to buy stuff. I don't think it will always be like that when money is not so tight, but that has been hard. On the other hand I feel very blessed to have been able to stay at home.

Also, I didn't have Lasik, but I had PRK which is kind of the same, but more painful. My brothers had Lasik and both said it was great.

Lauri said...

I totally understand what your talking about and I try not to complain.... I know im lucky to have the choice. I wish that there was a way it could happen for you. I really do. I love being a sahm and your post was a reminder not to take it for granted.

Im starting to sell stuff on ebay to make myself some extra cash.