Tuesday, August 8

My Basement

Well, my basement flooded about ankle deep throughout most of it during the flood of 7/27/06. It was and is a mess. We have been working daily to clean it out. Disinfect. Replace. and Repair.

It didn't help that after the flood waters receded the temperatures were high, hot and humid. So we really had to get a huge chunk of the cleanup done right away.

The worst part is that we did not have any insurance coverage for any of the items we needed to throw away. Thankfully, we did not lose our washer, dryer, full freezer, refrigerator, furnace, or hot water tank. We also were able to save the couches that were down there.

We did throw away a huge metal cabinet, wood bookshelf, old grade school papers, carpeting, and much more.

But again I am thankful that the major appliances were ok. We did have to buy a dehumidifier and it is amazing how much moisture is still down there. But we were lucky we had a basement that flooded and had sewer backup and not our main floor. We are lucky we did not need to be rescued from our rooftop. In the end we really were very lucky.

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