Monday, August 21

I Am Freaking.....

I am really freaking out today. I feel so nervous it is ridiculous.

I am terrified that my husband will put his stamp of approval on me getting Lasik surgery on Friday. It is costly and will increase our monthly bills. But if he doesn't agree than I need to order new contacts and get these glasses off of my face. BUT if he does agree than I need to muster up enough courage to go through with it. And that has me shaking in my boots or rather my sandals. I have to show him a copy of all of our bills and run through that whole mess. That also makes me nervous. Not that there is anything he can't see but I always feel like I am in an inquisition when he wants to look at the checkbook and bills.

Also adding to that is my excitement about Prison Breakk being back on the air tonight. I love that show!!! And that makes me nervous. And when that comes on after 24 then I can't get to sleep. I love it!

Are there any shows you are addicted to?

For me there are too many to list. Sad I know. But true.


jeneflower said...

Lasik is not too scary really. It just feels like some pressure on your eye and it is really fast. No pain.

I feel the same way about the checkbook. Every purchase that seemed really necessary at the time suddenly feels superfluous when M is looking at the bill.

I don't have time to watch TV. I wish I did!

Chelsea said...

Rock on sister, Prison Break is awesome! Good luck with the lasik.

Lauri said...

I cant wait for Lost to come back on... that and American idol. I love super nanny and wife swap. There is a show on called real housewifes of orange county... or something like that... a bunch of spoiled women. I admit to watching laguna beach reruns.. more spoiled teens.

I dont watch a lot of TV