Wednesday, August 16


Sometimes I lack the patience necessary to deal with the attitude my daughter can sometimes have.

Last night was one of those days. I knew she had already gotten into trouble during the day for lying. Plus it was full moon-ish and for some reason that affects her as well.

So it is finally bed time and she goes potty and we are getting ready to brush her teeth. She is dilly dallying rinsing her hands and I am tired of telling her to just rinse them already.


I splash a little water in her face.

She gets a bigger attitude. She is all, " Uh. Why did you splash me! " and then taking off her glasses, "You made them worbelly!"

I look at her and bust a gut laughing.

She tries her best to keep her attitude face for about 30 seconds and then she starts laughing also. I tell her that is not even a word.

We finish in the bathroom, get her a drink of water, lipstick (lip balm), and head off to bed. She even went to sleep relatively quickly.

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jeneflower said...

How funny!! Worbelly is a great new word. I knew just what she meant.

Maybe I should hide water balloons in my closet and throw them at my kids when they are misbehaving???? WATER FIGHT!! Nevermind. Probably shouldn't.