Thursday, January 4

Christmas Morning

I am going to be the most embarrassing mom one of these days but as long as she will let me I am going to take a picture of Belle when she wakes up in her bed on Christmas morning and then video tape her walking down the stairs to see the Christmas tree. This year she came down and looked and proclaimed that Santa had not come. All those presents were the wrapping paper we had and not Santa's. I told her to look a little closer because I didn't have the light green princess wrapping paper. She went over and looked at it a little closer. Then said that was my paper. So we went back a forth a few times about the wrapping paper.

Then it dawned on her to look at the dining room table. That is where we carefully picked out cookies and put them on a plate with a glass of milk for Santa.

She looked at them and then her whole face lit up as she said, "He did come! He really did! You can always tell by the cookies if Santa was there or not!"

I better not ever forget to drink some of the milk so the glass looks like it was used (I pour out the rest so it doesn't sit out all night but I DO NOT rinse the glass) and to make it look like the cookies were eaten. I usually leave some crumbs or half cookies because even Santa can only eat so many.

It was the cutest thing ever. Well maybe not ever but it was cute.

Then after she opened her gifts and had to play her keyboard we have her on video singing All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus. Now that was the cutest ever. No crocodiles. Or rissasaurasusss.

Too funny....


Catizhere said...

I LOVE the Hippopotamus Christmas song!

Maggie was serenading us with the 1st verse of Frosty the Snowman". Over and over. and over. and over.

Jenn said...

Big A can perfectly recite the script to A Christmas Story.