Monday, January 29


I am hoping the sickness that has covered our house over the past few weeks is officially gone. Belle was actually able to go back to school today. YEAH!!!! Even though I am been fighting something off and on so far it hasn't been too bad. So hopefully that stays that way.

We had a good weekend. Didn't do too much which is the way I like it. Even though we spent a few hundred getting our car fixed (bearings-UGH) we didn't let that put a damper on our weekend. Yesterday I didn't leave the house. That is so hard for me to do since I usually have to run errands until I want to scream.

Tonight I am hoping that we are feeling well enough still for Belle and I to go out and play in the snow. The snow from last week had started to melt a little bit but we got another few inches last night. It is the fluffy soft kind. I hope it will be good enough to make a snowman. My poor deprived daughter has never been able to make one yet. Usually the good snowman making snow happens on a day that I work and by the time I get home it is just too hard. But I am determined to make it happen this evening if we are feeling good. It is so much fun to play in the snow and then go in and have hot cocoa. I remember doing that so many times as a child. I want Belle to have that sort of fond memories also.

Anyway, boo hoo it is Monday and not that I want to wish my life away but I hope this week goes by fast. At least the parts that I have to work.

Happy Monday.


Lauri said...

Hope you get to build that snowman... have fun & stay warm

Diana said...

Our snow is all hard and icy--perfect for sledding!

Hope it all works out and the cocoa is particularly lovely.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

It is amazing how sickness goes around the house, it is like it never ends sometimes!! Hope all is better asap!