Wednesday, January 31

Snow Day

It snowed and snowed and snowed last night. My husband had to clear the driveway twice last night and then still had to do it this morning so we could get out.

Schools were closed.

But I still had to go to work. So I take Belle to my sister in law's house this morning. They never clear their driveway so good thing I had my boots on. They also have extra cars there since they always have some sort of car trouble going on.

We walk in front of the one car parked closest to their garage and this is what I saw. I had to take a picture with my cell phone because it was so funny to look at. The picture is way bad because it was so dark but hopefully you will get the idea.

This looks like one of the cars from the movie cars. And yes those are piles of snow that are making it look like it is smiling.

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Diana said...

Lovely, lovely snow. Too bad you had to go to work and couldn't enjoy it with a nice cup of cocoa. Grown-ups should have snow days if their kids do. Outta be a law.