Friday, January 5


Last night we resumed our ice skating classes. I was very happy that the teacher we have now learned as an adult herself. I actually learned as a child but hadn't skated in a bazillion years.

So I am really learning all over again and last night we were doing spins. I got myself so dizzy that I fell. I didn't really fall too hard but I landed square on my knee cap. Now this knee was already in bad shape from my overcompensating from my heel spur and the fact that it got twisted over the weekend from fooling around with J and Belle.

So now it is really in bad shape. But I am determined to get back on my skates next week. Even if it is still hurting.

Belle is doing good in her class as well. I was glad to see that this session there were only 3 girls (including Belle). Maybe she will get some better instruction from her very young teacher. I have been trying to bide my time without really causing a problem. But I have been watching very carefully to see if she learns new things. So far they keep learning the same thing over and over and over again. This is now the 3rd session there should be some progression from the 1st session. Plus I have seen Belle getting off the ice and I have had to go get her before her teacher would even notice. That is not good in my eyes. I feel if it is too much for her teacher to keep track and teach all of these little kids then she should have help. But we shall see how it goes this time.

Maybe if I could lose some weight my skating would be better yet but with my heel and knee problems it has really put a damper on my workouts. I hate being in this catch 22 phase.


Jenn said...

How much fun is ice skating? I love doing the sort of exercise that drums up nostalgia--it helps our bodies and our hearts.

BECC said...

I agree with you about the instructor. You're a good mom to notice. I would definately say something to her. Three children really should be nothing for her. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better soon... I love ice skating but cant do it worth a darn... I hold on the the edge and slide myself along