Tuesday, January 2

Happy New Year

What do I wish for this new year? I am not sure. Probably my good ole standbys of health and wealth for myself and all those I care about. I am not big on making formal new years resolutions. Not many people ever stick to them.

This year brings so many changes to my life. My daughter will start Kindergarten in the fall. I need to sign her up next week. She will no longer be going to my sister-in-laws everyday. I will need to look into what to do with her on the days the schools are closed. She is growing up so fast. I am really struggling with her turning 5. It seems so silly but I just can't get over it. I am very happy and grateful that she is growing up. But I am just so sad too. She still needs me and loves me unconditionally. But those days are numbered. It will truly break my heart the day she says, "I hate you" and really means it at that moment. I really need to get over it but I just can't. Not yet....

I also get very depressed when it is time to take down the Christmas lights and tree. We did that yesterday. Everything just seems especially stark and grey for the rest of the winter. I wonder if it would seem the same if it were always sunny and warm year round.

Humph.......(big big big sigh)


Jenn said...

Big A turning five was huge for me; similiar to when I couldn't find that roll of baby fat where the wrist meets the hand...they grow so fast. I didn't make any real resolutions this year; I just want to keep working on myself, mentally, spiritually and physically. I know if I can continue to do that, I'll be a better mom for it.

Anonymous said...

Im here if you ever need me to keep Belle on days school is closed due to teacher days, Holidays, weather.. whatever.. Im serious about this offer.. really


Leap of faith

Heather said...

Phoebe started Kindergarten this year. When my DH and I went to register her, I was kind of cranky. My DH asked me why I was cranky. I told him, "I am always cranky when I'm trying not to cry" and then I broke down sobbing. Phoebe's been in day care/preschool since she was three months old, but it was still so tough for me realizing she was going to "real school."