Thursday, January 11


I just have to put this in writing before I forget about it.

At the ice show they perform shortened versions of the actual stories. Well during one of the stories a large dragon came out. It was chasing The Prince from Sleeeeping Beautyy around the ice and also breathed fire.
While this dragon was on the chase

Belle says, "That thing is freaking me out. I am afraid he is going to get him!".

I looked at her and said, "Did you say it was freaking you out?"

She replies, "Yes. It is freaking me out. I thought it was going to get him."

My reply, "You, crack me up babe. Are you scared? Was it scary?" through my laughter.

It was quite good.


Catizhere said...

The other night Maggie told me that "Daddy wants to watch football, and Little Bear is on. :::SIGH::: sometimes he makes me CRAZY!"

Out of the mouths of babes, huh??

Jenn said...

...Big A asked me something, and I didn't answer in the appropriate tone. She told me that it was "merely" a question and I shouldn't get so worked up about it. Yet one more moment when I thought that raising intelligent kids was highly over-rated.