Friday, July 21

Baby Mystery

Picture Jaclyn and I driving home from swimming lessons. This drive only takes 2 minutes at most. Out of the blue this conversation begins:

J: "Was I at your wedding?"

Me: "No, you weren't born yet."

J: "Was I in your tummy?"

Me: "No, not yet."

J: "Well how do I get in your tummy? From your pee pee?"

Me: "After you get married you can have a baby. And babies come out by a place by your pee pee but not until you are older."

J: "How do you make a baby?"

Me: "Well, uh, you see, when you are married there is something you can do to make a baby."

J: "How?"

Me: "Well, it is hard to explain right now. When you are a little bit older we can explain it better." sigh, ugh

Boy, I sure handled that well.


I always try to answer the question without too much detail. She has always wondered about babies being in tummys but the point blank question of how do you make a baby was a new one today.

I did ask her after we had changed to subject if she was ok with the whole baby thing and she said yes. So I was able to dodge any other questions on this day.

At least she still thinks she can marry me and live with me forever...
Even if she has to marry a boy...(boys are bad you see--good thing she doesn't have a brother)

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Margaret said...

Oh. That's cute! She kind of blindsided you with that one, didn't she?