Thursday, July 20

Cows on the Freeway


On the way to work this morning there was an accident so I was stuck in traffic. We were not moving much at all. I look over at the lane next to me and I see a semi full of cows.

And they are all saying, "Moooooooooo" in several different tones.

Now keep in mind that I work in our major city downtown so to see a semi full of cows is, well let's just say unusual. Not that I don't see cows all the time when I go places on the weekend nearish to my house but not going to work.

Of course I call my daughter and tell her to listen. Poor thing couldn't hear a thing. But she was tickled pink. I told her they looked like baby cows and that just added to her awe.

Too funny. I took a picture with my camera phone. Not too clear but if you look real hard you can see some noses poking through the holes.

Cows have made my Thursday morning.

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Lauri said...

Cows on the freeway...too funny... I just thought of you... was getting ready to take Olivia to Manry and it started pouring rain... looks like it was a quick one and we will be able to go swimming after all.

Have a good day