Wednesday, July 26

My Sis

I actually have 2 sisters but I only talk to one. The "other" sister as we call her lives her life in ways I do not support at all. So to avoid conflicts and potential calls to the police I choose to keep my distance.

Anyway, I get off subject. My very best friend and sister is and has been trying to get pregnant. I pray all the time that God will bless her to be pregnant. I know she wants it more than anything and is having a hard time with it.

So please pray for her that she gets pregnant soon with a beautiful and healthy child.

I have been enlightened in so many ways about adoption and I am by no means trying to knock that but she is not in that place now. I know at this point that would be too painful for her to even contemplate. And even though I know that is a wonderful road to take to build a family I pray she doesn't find herself on that road. Again simply because I know more than anything she wants to be pregnant. She wants to experience all of the changes that occur to your body (both good and bad). Plus I feel it is too soon for her to even ponder. I think I feel more at peace for her if that is the path she follows since I have read so many wonderful blogs about adoption. As well as seeing my friends adopt the sweetest little girl (even if she has tantrums on occasion. what kid doesn't).

I am glad I can't relate while at the same time sad that I can't relate to help her along better. I love my sister so much and just want all of her dreams to come true.

Please, God, bless my sister to be pregnant with a wonderful and healthy baby soon. She would make such a great mom!

Note: I should say that she doesn't even know that there may be any medical issues. It is just that she is anxious and it hasn't happened yet so far.

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Lauri said...

I can relate to yoru sisters pain.... having struggled with infertility and the longing for pregnancy for years ( I still struggle with it). Its really rough.... I had to try everything medically possible before coming to a place where I could move on to adoption. I hope she gets pregnant and she should get that test to she if her tubes are open..

I can also relate to having a sister I dont get along with... that for me is painful and I try but some relationships can be toxic.. (she threw me the shower)
have a good day