Saturday, July 8

Just a Quickie

Not that kind.....

Anyway, only have a few minutes this morning. Sooo very many things to do and so little time. So far I have already washed 5 loads of laundry, vacummned the floor, use the floor cleaner to clean the carpet, and take a few minutes to do this.

As I type I am trying to not see the huge pile of scattered beads that are all over my spare bedroom floor. You see they were in a case about 10 minutes ago until my daughter tried to make a little more room on her table. Instead of putting her bead cases back on the shelf she just pushed them over and then off the table. And well picture little tiny beads of all sorts of colors and shapes piling up in a big mess. So as far as I am concerned, at least for another minute, there is no mess. She is trying to clean this up but I am afraid she is more playing with the mess than truly picking them up.

Anyway, we have some playing to do outside on the new swingset. It is such a beautiful day we may even blow up her little pool and play in the water for a bit.

Then it will be lunch and shower time as we will then need to head out to the Children's Place Outlet. One of my favorite stores. I am truly hoping they have their summer clearance going on.

Then to my husband's fishing tournament. Hopefully he has a boat load (well 5 really big ones as that is the limit) of great big bass in the boat and wins lots of money. We shall see.

Then hurry home to change, gather stuff and go to our friend's party. They recently adopted the cutest little girl and this is her coming out party/bbq/I believe shower. I just hope we make it there since this actually starts prior to us getting home.

Anyway, off until tomorrow. Or possibly Monday.

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Lauri said...

Im doing laundry as well..... you have a busy day ahead of you... and dont worry about coming late, we look forward to seeing you and If you guys cant make it we certainly understand.

Enjoy your day