Thursday, July 27


I was recently accused of always falling for gadgets. Okay maybe a little true. I am always looking for ways to simplify life. For example, I love the swiffer products but hate the disposable toilet bowl cleaner brushes (yuck).

So my recent purchase is this wonderful (I hope) shower cleaner. I used my $5 off coupon and have now hung it in our shower. So far so good but I am only on day 4 of the initial 10 day test period.

We do not have shower doors, though. So you have to be sure that the shower curtain is closed completely so you don't get sprayed in the face. The first time I did it, Jaclyn was in the bathroom with me watching me hang this cool new cleaner. We pushed the button and it started beeping. We thought it seemed like something was wrong so we were about to peak and it started spraying. We both jumped back and started cracking up.

Now my husband has thought this purchase silly. Go figure since he is the voice behind the gadgets speech. However, he couldn't resist the urge to try it himself. He didn't tell us he was going to but after his shower one evening he pushed the button. Also thinking something was wrong because it beeps for a bit (I guess to give you time to get out of the way), he peeked inside and got sprayed in the face. I was laughing so SO hard! Granted he didn't tell us about this until awhile later which made it even funnier that he didn't want to admit it at first.

So, beware! Close the curtains completely while beeping. You never know when you will get sprayed in the face! he he hehehehehehhe

I wonder if anyone else is a gadgets person...

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