Tuesday, July 18

Swim Baby Swim

I have taken Jaclyn in the water every year since she was 6 months old. I love swimming and wanted her to love it as well and not be afraid. So here she is 6 months old and we are at my SIL's pool and I push her under water and pull her up. And she loves it. She has the cutest what in the world was that look on her face. My brother in law even took my under water camera and snapped a picture. She has her mouth closed and her eyes wide open. She wasn't at all scared. We then swam around for a little while.

They next year she was one and we did pretty much the same thing. Except now she was big enough to go in an infant float but what she really liked was to suck on the front handle part. We had another fun summer in the pool.

By the time she was 2 she wasn't as crazy about going under water even though she would do it a couple of times during the summer. We went to Disney that year and she had a great time in the pool there and in the water park but still didn't like the water on her face too much. Even in the bath tub we had to wipe her face after every rinse of her hair.

Then she was 3 and started swimming lessons at our community pool. We did both sessions so they were Mon-Fri for 40 minutes every evening from June through August. There was 30 minutes or real instruction and the last 10 minutes they call game time. She learned so much that year. It was hard for me to let someone else care for her in the pool. I always kept a very watchful eye to make sure the instructors (who are the pool life guards) were also keeping a watchful eye on her. She learned to do a ball float, front float, back float, hold her head under water, kick and so much more. She still wasn't crazy about being splashed in the face, though. I even had to ask the guards to not splash her during their games. But she still loved every minute being in the pool.

While she was 3 we went to an indoor water park that was ok to me but she had a blast. They had a small kiddie slide that was just perfect for her. To begin I had to walk her up and then run back down and catch her at the bottom. We only stayed one night but that was all she needed. By the next day she was booking up the steps and going down all on her own. "Don't catch me, mom!" she would yell.

Now at 4 it is amazing to me how far she has come. She is back in her daily swimming lessons this summer. And not only is she still learning more techniques, she is perfecting others. She has no fear and just swims and swims till she is so exhausted. We went to a different indoor water park in the early spring and she was leary at first but then going down the kiddie slide with ease. Trying to go different ways such as head first, on her tummy, lying on her back and whatever else she could think of that the guards wouldn't tell her not to do. They of course were no fun and they were only allowed to go down on their butts. But that didn't stop her from trying and at least getting it in once before they told her no. We are thinking of having her birthday at this water park since it was just so much fun.

So that brings me to this past weekend. It was extrodinarily hot and humid in our part of the world. We spent Saturday afternoon, evening, and almost all day Sunday at my SIL's pool. We swam our hearts out. She would jump (more like dive at me) from the ladder. And lest we forget the biggest discovery of all. Can we all say CANNON BALLLLL!

We got tanned. Or should I say she got tanned while I burned. I always make sure she has sunscreen on but never do it myself. Shame on me. Now if only my legs weren't so pasty white I might look human. We just had a great time together in the water.

Yesterday I had to go to work and she got to go swimming in the afternoon as it was still so very hot. But after her swimming lesson was over we both went back in the pool and swam for about 45 minutes. So not only were we having a great time but I was trying to think of it as a great workout. I love things that are fun and you don't even realize you are using your muscles.

So here is to you, my little mermaid, and our fun in the pool this summer! We will make sure to hit the pool again soon.

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Lauri said...

Thats Great that you have been keeping up with her lessons.... I love the water but Im not a fantastic swimmer... I will put Livi in lessons when she is old enough. Its a good workout...

Olivia loved build-a-bear... thanks so much for that thoughtful gift that gave us a reason to go to the mall and bond.
Have a good week... hope it flys by for you