Tuesday, July 11

What's Up

Not much here.

Pretty boring day.

Hopefully stays that way.

At least as far as work is concerned.

I heard from my SIL that my daughter fell and hit her chin on the edge of the bed today. She thinks it will be black and blue by the time I get out of work. I hope it isn't too sore. Poor thing. She is lucky she didn't bite her tongue or break a tooth. See apparantly she was jumping on the bed and was told to stop. But you see jumping on a water bed is just too much fun and therefore she chose to continue with her reckless behavior and refused to believe you can get hurt doing such a task.


She got hurt. So hopefully no more jumping on the bed. Well at least until tomorrow. She has a short memory for things she was told not to do. She is strictly forbidden from bed jumping at home. And couch jumping. And really from anything fun. he he

She really isn't allowed to jump on the couch or bed but it is hard to stay mad (even though I put on my most serious mean mom face) because I know we have all done our share of bed jumping. It is a right of childhood to jump on a few beds. Because before you know it we are grown ups and can't have any fun at all. ;-)

Next is playing in the rain.....

If only it wouldn't thunder storm at the same time.

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