Wednesday, July 26


Does anyone watch Last Comic Standing? Oh my goodness... Josh Blue is so funny. He, I believe, is the oldest living person with Cerebral Palsy. He doesn't hide from it and does use it in his skit. But you don't feel sorry for him. I hope he wins at this point. It is down to 4 people.

We also watch Big Brother and I was cracking up with the Jase mirror face. Too funny. I don't know any men that spend that much time doing their hair in front of the mirror. The other contestants were in their diary room and making fun. The sad part was that Jase knows he does it and admits his mom named it the "mirror face".

And to round out tv time last night was Rock Star Supernova. I am not even sure what to say about some of the people competing to be the lead singer of Tommy Lee's new band. I have yet to watch the rest of the show but boy some of those people are strange.

Which reminds me.... I LOVE TIVO!! My husband got this as a birthday gift a year and a half ago and it is the best thing. To pause live tv - awesome. And the way it records so effortlessly...
I don't usually get to sit down and watch an entire show. I am usually in and out as I am trying to clean up, get my daughter ready for bed, get stuff ready for work the next day and so on. So I usually get to catch up on parts I have missed before work. And it is great since I can easily skip past parts I did see. Long live the inventor of Tivo. Yes, sometimes my priorities are a little off.

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Diana said...

Sadly, my limited TV time is mostly HGTV stuff after the kids are in bed and Charles and I are curled in the big chair trying to stay up until 9pm. So pathetic. Love our DISH, which has the similar features of pausing during live shows (and then you have the bliss of fast-forwarding through the commercials) and tres easy recording.