Monday, July 24


My girl is shall we say a "girlie girl" with a twist. But don't tell her that or you will then hurt her heart and she will be forced to "fight" you. For those are fightin' words!

For example, the world is attacking her if a bug, especially a flying type of bug, enters her personal space. That then requires her to scream as loud as she possibly can to reach the correct tone and pitch of the offending bug to scare them away. If that doesn't work we cower and continue to scream. I am surprised the police have not shown up in our backyard to see what the commotion is about. Once you assure her it is not a bee and will not sting or bite her you must shoo it away so that the planets can re-align.

She has made my mother in law as well as my husband stop the car because a midgy (mosquito looking bug without the bite for those that may not know what I am talking about) landed on her.

But when I tell her I don't like worms and don't want to touch a worm she laughs. Here is the twist. She will argue with me about worms. She claims they tickle and are perfectly fine to hold. Now I don't know about you but in the girly girl world I would have to say that holding worms is strictly forbidden.

Now don't get me wrong. I sometimes disagree about the worms strictly to show her that it is perfectly ok for her to have a differing opinion from me. And she should stick up for what she truly believes in. Even if it is tickling worms...

Oh and by the way, the midgy's are now ok too since all they do is tickle also.

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Lauri said...

I dont like bugs either but I cant kill one..... I especially hate flies. I have almost wrecked my car over some stupid little spider or bug landing on me while driving.

Cute story