Thursday, July 13

Blah Blah and more Blah

I just feel Blah today. I am not sure why. There is nothing really wrong. Just Blah.

As a funny side note.

My daughter takes swimming lessons at our local pool every weekday evening. So we get there last night and walk to the pool from the car. I usually park on the side street and walk through the playground area. Once we get to the pool we hear a little rumble of thunder.


So we wait a few minutes as they have not cancelled swimming lessons yet.

It starts to drizzle. No biggie. They still swim if raining but not with thunder and lightning.

No lightning and no more thunder. But then it is as if God has dumped his bucket of water on us because it just downpours. We all scurry under the umbrellas set up for shade at the pool. But it is windy and pouring.

I am getting wet from the backside. I still have an my nice dress work clothes that are thankfully machine washable and not dry clean only. Hate dry clean clothing. I don't buy it but that is a whole other post.

Anyway, after a few minutes lessons are officially cancelled. They couldn't do that when I had a small chance of making it back to my car seeing as I don't have an umbrella with me?!?

So I say to Jaclyn "Do you want to run in the rain to the car?" I am thinking here is our chance to kind of play in the rain. But even though she only has on her bathing suit and flip flops she says no because it is raining. I tell who cares because she has on her bathing suit (again pointing out the obvious). So we make a break for it. But I can't run in my flip flops since they are now really slippery and for fear of taking a very messy and potentially embarassing fall (not to mention the physical harm I would most likely due to myself), we walk sort of run through the rain.

We were so soaking wet our hair was dripping on our faces, our clothes (really my clothes) were sticking to our bodies, my mascara is running down my face, and we are laughing. We get in the car and drive the 2 minutes home. It was actually fun...

My husband says, "how did you get so wet". I look at him with a duh face and say it rained when we got to swimming lessons and then it was cancelled. He didn't think we were going.
I am glad we did just for the funny story.

Then this morning I go to work. When I get out of the car I can't figure out why the back of my clothes feel damp. Then I remember and hope that they are not so damp that people think that I either was so sweaty from the drive that my clothes are wet or that I wet my pants. Either way not good visual. So I pray I feel it more than people can see it and walk to work. *I work downtown so I have to park in a parking garage then walk a little ways to get to our building*

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