Friday, July 7

Things I Ponder

Here are some things I ponder.

1) At what age do we start becoming so self conscience about our bodies. My daughter likes to wear certain clothes. Or wear her hair a certain way. Usually all, some or none in a ponytail. But as for worrying about how her legs look in a pair of pants or how big her tummy may look doesn't cross her mind. I wish we could all keep that perspective about ourselves and others as we get older. Because who really cares that someone else is wearing something that maybe she or he really shouldn't. (Ok. Well provided it is too sleazy. I do have my limits.) But if that person likes it who really cares. Does it really affect how my day will be?

2) Why or why does the person in the high speed lane on the freeway feel the need to go so slow. Or even dare I say it slower than traffic wants to move. Nobody says they have to go faster than they are commfortable with. Just move over. Why do they care so much to feel they are making a statement. THEY ARE NOT! They are just causing accidents. I watched a car in front of me try to slam on their brakes (apparantly they thought the car length in between us wasn't enough) to mess with me then realize that the car that had been between us moved over to go around. So she then proceeded to speed up to block that car from getting in front of her. The slowpoke ended up doing a little skidding to avoid the collision with the passing car. If the slowpoke didn't want to drive that fast why does she care so much that others do. She almost killed herself.

3) Why have I been sick at least once every month of 2006. Doesn't my body get it that I am tired of blowing my nose, caughing up a lung, and just generally feely like crap?! This has been seriously hindering my workout attempts. It does help to breath while working out. Just in case anyone thought differently.

4) Why can't I just win enough money in the lottery to quit my job and stay at home with my beautiful angel? I would find a way to give back. I promise.

5) Why must my MIL rearrange things in my house when she babysits my daughter. I know she is just trying to help but leave things where they are. I really do have good reasons why they are there.

6) Who decided in the "rule" book that women are the ones who have to cook and clean. Somewhere in history when women started working they should have revised the "rule" book.

7) How am I able to love my daughter so much. Truly more than words can describe. I can't imagine being able to do that so fully and devote so much to more than one child. I don't know that I could handle the stress of worrying about more than one child. I do not plan to have another because of this.

There are others but this is all I can think of at the moment.

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Lauri said...

I did not know you blogged!!! why didnt you tell me? You do have the cutest daughter- I think its awesome that you get her involved in sports and ballet- she is a well rounded little girl and your an awesome Mom. How is your swing set coming along?

Take care